The Current Baby Sleepwear Trends

Onenies Baby sleep & play full body sleepwearIt seems like every couple of years, there are new sleeping garments or accessories for babies to either help them sleep better or to keep them warm during the night or to make things easier on the parents. The following are a few trends that are in right now that every parent should pay attention to. That’s because they represent the best of the best in baby sleepwear. These are popular items right now because they are considered the best things for a baby to sleep in.

Sleeping gowns are newborn baby clothes that are meant for nighttime but have no bottom. There’s no legs or feet on these things; they are just like the name implies- a gown. That makes them great for diaper changes in the middle of the night, which happen often during the first 4-6 weeks. After that, diaper changes are not such a priority during the night, and a different kind of sleeping apparel may work better. For those buying a sleeping gown, other newborn baby clothes pair well with it, like swaddled blankets or something else to wrap around the baby’s lower half, since the gown can ride up sometimes.

Jammies and pajamas are basically onesies. You will find a huge selection of these at most retailers and even on sites that sell newborn baby clothes, such as newborn baby clothes. These work the same as a onesie, covering the entire baby from shoulders to toes, but they can be troublesome to get on at first. Changing diapers in these can be tricky, but experienced parents can manage without taking off the entire pajama suit. The can go by a few different names, so consumers should be aware that “jammies”, “pajamas”, “footed jammies” and “footies” can all mean the same piece of clothing.

These are the newborn baby clothes that most people are buying for nightie sleepwear. There are other choices as well, but these are the preferred ones because of how prevalent they are, how easy they are to use and how well they work for the baby. The best newborn baby clothes should be comfortable for the baby and easy for the parent to use, and consumers will notice that those are the ones that are always trending.